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Based on current advice the Society has regretfully cancelled the 2021 Save On Foods Nanaimo Dragon Boat Festival as we are unable to ensure the safety of paddlers, vendors, sponsors and spectators both within provincial health and municipal guidelines.

We look forward to a successful Festival - Dragons Of The World - July 8-10, 2022. 

           Read the full letter here!

Best wishes to all and thank you for your understanding and your support.

Heiko Behn

Chair - Nanaimo Dragon Boat Festival Society


 Join the fun. Be a Volunteer. 

How to register as a Volunteer

  • Click online Volunteer Registration link ( link opens May 1)
  • Click Fill in an Application. You must create a new profile each year. (Your Username could be ‚Äúyourname2022‚ÄĚ). Complete address and email sections.
  • Click View Policy. Read the Volunteer policy.
  • Click the box: I agree with the organization‚Äôs policies

You will now see the main form to complete. Complete the application form. NOTE: your application will not be submitted until you complete all fields that have the flag marker.

Click I am not a robot (unless you are a robot).

  • Click Submit.¬†¬†You will now see Application Complete

How to pick your Volunteer jobs

  • Click Go to Opportunities Page
  • Click on the Volunteer activity you want to do. A new page will open with all available dates and times.¬†Pick your days and times. How? Either¬†click the Opportunities Calendar or each individual Activity to see the days and times. Select the shift you want.
  • Click Confirm for each shift you pick (or Remove if you change your mind)
  • Click log out.

Finished. Done. How easy is that? The system will send you an email saying Thank You for being a volunteer.

Festival weekend

Walk to Maffeo Sutton park a few minutes before your appointed time. Only limited handicap parking is available on site so take advantage of the free weekend parking at some downtown parking areas...see map for full details. Head to the volunteer tent, near the parking circle, for check in. You will receive details and training for the area you've chosen, an oh-so-fashionable high visibility vest and a volunteer lanyard. As well, you will be told "where to go"! Cool

Volunteer Ethics, Expectations and Policies

We want you to enjoy your time as a Nanaimo Dragon Boat Festival volunteer, and we want the Nanaimo Dragon Boat Festival to be a successful, safe and well-organized event for everyone. This requires commitment to the mission and purpose of the Dragon Boat Festival.

Our Pledge to You

The Nanaimo Dragon Boat Festival Society acknowledges and supports the vital role of volunteers in achieving our mission. Volunteer assignments address the purpose of the Society and involve volunteers in meaningful ways that reflect abilities, needs and backgrounds. Our volunteers will receive an orientation to the Society and Festival, will receive adequate training to perform their tasks,  will receive appropriate levels of supervision according to their tasks and will have opportunities to receive and give feedback.

Our Expectations

Our talented and valued volunteers are enthusiastic ambassadors of the Nanaimo Dragon Boat Festival and the Nanaimo Dragon Boat Festival Society. Volunteers will act with respect for the event, and all persons associated with the event. Volunteers will take responsibility for their commitment to the event and, in particular, for being on time for their shifts and completing all tasks associated with their duties until the end of the shift.

All volunteers will:

  • be responsible for fulfilling their assignments. This means reporting to assigned posts at the start of the shift and completing all assigned tasks until the end of the shift.
  • become familiar with their volunteer duties, and with all activities and ceremonies being held on the day of their shifts.
  • become familiar with the site layout and the locations of amenities such as washrooms, water, and activities.
  • wear a Volunteer high visibility vest and a Festival identification card while on duty. Volunteer vest and Festival identification are to be worn/displayed only during shift.
  • be respectful of other volunteers, staff, paddlers, performers, and patrons of the Festival.
  • understand there is zero tolerance on prohibited activities including, but not limited to, vandalism, theft,harassment, the use of, or being under the influence of, controlled drugs or alcohol while on shift.
  • have access to beverages, and will be provided with one meal for each four-hour shift they complete.
  • receive many high-five through out the ¬†Festival.

Nanaimo Dragon Boat Festival Society: Box 575 STN A, Nanaimo, BC  V9R 5I5

Festival Location: July 8-10, 2022,  Maffeo Sutton Park, 10 Comox Rd, Nanaimo, BC,

Privacy Statement: All personal information given by participants will only be used for administration and regular communication with respect to the festival and related programs and events. Your information will not be sold or given to anyone else with commercial intentions or otherwise.

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