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Welcome paddlers! We are looking forward to watching you compete and we are all ready for the fun to begin! Registration and race management is handled online by Fairway Gorge Paddling Club. Check out our Registration page.

Fairway Gorge Race management has updated our "Dragon Boat Festival Rules & Regulations" to bring them into line with Dragon Boat Canada Rules of Racing.

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Registered teams are encouraged to decorate their team tent and outfit their team to compete in more than a dragon boat race. The team costume/decorations must be related to the current year's Festival Theme. 

Teams are responsible for their costumes/decoration; remember you can spare the expense without harming the group enthusiasm and creativity!

TEAM TENT DECORATING CONTEST -¬†¬†judging Saturday afternoon in the Paddler's Village and winner will be announce later that afternoon.¬†Our panel of volunteer judges will score team tent masterpieces on a scale of 1 to 10 (with 10 being the highest) in the following categories: Creativity -10; Attention to Theme ‚Äď 10; Originality ‚Äď 10.¬†Originality/creativity is key noting teams are responsible for their decorations remembering they can spare the expense without taking away the opportunity to win.

One winning team will receive a cooler of Longwood Brewery beverages.  An honorable mention may be awarded at the judges’ discretion.  

TEAM COSTUME CONTEST  - judging during Saturday's Paddler's Party. Our panel of volunteer judges will  score the teams costume contest with equal weighting between theme, costumes, choreography, stage presentation, song selection and goosebump factor! 

Stage area is in the beer garden which is ~60X60 ft and is asphalt
Length of performance-max 5 minutes
Bring a USB Memory Stick with your playlist so our sound folks can install onto their players
Competition is both costume and dance as it relates to the annual theme
All team members can participate including replacement paddlers that are team members noting not all team paddlers are required to participate in order to be eligible to win
Participants do need to attend the dinner and can register for the dance competition when submitting paddlers party invite/ticket purchase by "ticking" the check-box available 
Originality/creativity is key noting teams are responsible for their costumes remembering they can spare the expense without taking away the opportunity to win
The dance competition is a "fun" event judged by volunteer community members

One winning team will receive free entry to next year‚Äės SOFNDB festival. The winning team will be announced after dinner. An honorable mention may be awarded at the judges‚Äô discretion.

Check out 2018 winners here!

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 Dragon boating ... it is a strenuous, repetitive, upper body exercise that increases flexibility, aerobic capacity and strength; it provides an opportunity to work with a large group at one time; it projects a visible, positive message to all people with breast cancer; it is a team sport that builds harmony and a feeling of togetherness; and it is an exhilarating experience that is aesthetically pleasing and fun to do.

Nanaimo Dragon Boat Festival Society: Box 575 STN A, Nanaimo, BC  V9R 5I5

Festival Location: July 8-10, 2022,  Maffeo Sutton Park, 10 Comox Rd, Nanaimo, BC,

Privacy Statement: All personal information given by participants will only be used for administration and regular communication with respect to the festival and related programs and events. Your information will not be sold or given to anyone else with commercial intentions or otherwise.

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